GAD_5915Chris has over 25 years’ experience in the fitness world. He started his fitness and dance career in Zimbabwe where he used regional styles to develop his technique.

  Since arriving in the UK, Chris has blended his existing style with the Garage, Hip-hop and Britpop influences from the UK dance scene. Add to that his fitness, martial arts and aerobic sports skills, and the result is one unique style that has his class participants coming back time and time again!  

Quietly spoken outside the studio, Chris has the ability to be the most inspiring and energetic performer when he steps on ‘stage’. He possesses an excellent ability to capture both people’s attention and imagination, thanks to his passion for the trade.

  Chris’ hard work and determination paid off when he was crowned Fitness Presenter of the Year 2003 at the World Fitness Experience in Blackpool. 

In addition to his personal training presenting and instructor work, Chris also runs an exercise and dance programme promoting health and fitness in schools, and is a Senior Crew member and Master Trainer with Urban Funk, a sensational street dance instructor-training programme.  

Chris’ other interests are martial arts and aerobic sport.  Before coming to the UK, Chris represented Zimbabwe at the World Aerobics Championships held in San Diego California USA.

Chris has extensive knowledge in physical and mental fitness; having a martial arts background, his clients are guaranteed a fun and challenging workout.  Also included often in his programmes, is nutritional advice, always on top of new developments and research Chris keeps updated, making sure his clients get the best possible workout.  

”Fitness activity should be pleasurable and never feel like punishment.  By treating our bodies with respect and harmony, our body will respond to our needs and demands in better ways.  The only limitations within the boundaries of our possibilities are the ones we create.

”  Chris has great knowledge in a number of fitness techniques which include weight/resistance training, martial arts/boxing pad work, Swiss ball and most mainstream exercises. As a qualified personal trainer, Chris is covered by insurance to train individuals and groups.

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